Fasting Timer: Body Tracker

This app works with intermittent fasting, 5:2 diet or any DIY fasting plan. Make a fasting plan to boost your metabolism and maximize the efforts of your workout or weight loss plan.



  • Track lifetime fasting historical data on your own device without the need of data plan.
  • Support fasting goals from 8 to 24 hours.
  • Start/Stop fasting with notification reminder.
  • Weekly basis reminders.
  • Weekly data chart display for fasting historical data and body mass, body fat percentage, lean body mass and BMI.(All data are read from or written to the built-in Health App for your own use only)
  • Easy to add/edit/delete fasting data by hand.

Spending Pro: Expense vs Income

 Spending Pro is designed by minimalist mindset. You can keep track of daily expense, income by optimized manual input UI and automatic system on our server. It is perfect for people who is a fan of double-entry accounting method and wants to stay on top of their personal finance.


  • Uniquely designed menu switch toggles between income and expense  dashboard.
  • Simple and intuitive dashboard displays monthly expense, income, balance. 
  • Drill-down  on each category for detailed transactions. 
  • Dashboard account filters makes you easier to focus on single particular account.
  • Verified and Unverified flag for each transaction. 
  • Automatic repeated transactions can add transactions of expense and income and track your salaries and bills without the need of linking any bank account or credit card.
  • Uniquely designed date input works in both number-only mode and date picker mode.
  • Quarterly expense vs income bar charts for a quick view of your cash flow.
  • Pie chart shows the percentage of each category of expense and income.